At the moment, I’m currently testing a BMW M850i Convertible. Life isn’t too bad, eh? While I’ll have a written and video review to follow, there may be some questions that you have that I don’t answer in either. So here’s your chance to get some questions in. Ask me anything you’d like in the comments section below (or on any social media post where this article is shared) and I’ll create a video at the end of my week with the car, answering as many interesting questions as I can.

Before you ask away, here are some of the specs of my test car. Just in case any of your questions are spec-related. It’s a Sonic Speed Blue M850i Convertible with a black rag top, black leather interior and black wheels. Those black wheels are wrapped in high-performance Summer Bridgestones and also bring black Shadowline trim. So it’s a sharp looking car, with its deep blue paint and black accents. The black interior also looks great sticking up from the blue paintwork with the top down.

It’s a stunning car and one that’s been getting as many looks, thumbs up and positive remarks as the i8 Roadster I drove last year. It’s the combination of the BMW M850i Convertible’s stunning looks and the vibrant color. Wherever it’s gone, it’s impressed anyone who’s seen it. So for pure show-stopper cred, the M850i’s got it.

Not surprisingly, it sounds great, too. That 4.4 liter twin-turbocharged V8 is a monster, making 523 hp and 553 lb-ft of torque, but it’s the noise that really makes it. Which is precisely why I asked for a Convertible and not a Coupe. I wanted all the V8, unfiltered by a roof and speaker augmentation (which still might be in play), directly behind my head, all the time.

So ask away, ask me anything you’d like about the BMW M850i Convertible and at the end of my week, I’ll make a video responding. Hopefully, more of you ask questions than with the last car.