The upcoming DTM race that is set to take place on Norisring in Germany this weekend will definitely leave a mark on those attending. That’s because the BMW M1 Procar series will basically be revived for a couple of hours, with legendary cars and drivers taking to the main stage. Among them you’ll find Hans-Joachim Stuck, Marc Surer, Harald Grohs and Jan Lammers. And while these guys might not be in their prime anymore, I’m willing to bet they will definitely put on a great show.

That’s because they come from a different era, one where mistakes like the one Vettel did in front of Hamilton in the Canadian GP wouldn’t even be considered important enough to make news. Back then, these guys used to trade paint on every occasion and they would still get through the race. The M1 Procar series saw touring pilots going up against Formula 1 legends and it was truly a special event, no matter how you look at it.

“I’m really looking forward to the revival of the BMW M1 Procar series,” said Stuck. “The combination of the six fastest Formula 1 drivers and cool privateers hasn’t been seen since. Then there is the unique sound of the BMW M1. That is unique to this day. I just want to enjoy the ride. It really doesn’t matter to me whether I finish second, third or fourth. I want to drive the car, hear it and experience it. I’ve won enough races in my life.”

No less than 14 BMW M1 Procar models will be lining up on the Norisring street circuit this weekend, to show the world just how fun they used to be. They will all be tuned to abide Group 4 regulations which means they will develop some 470 HP. The cars will be putting their best foot forwards on all three event days, including right before each of the two DTM races.