The next Goodwood Member’s Meeting, held only for GRRC (Goodwood Road & Racing Club) members, will be in early April, 2019. While the entire event hasn’t been planned out yet, at least publically, we do now know that the BMW M1 Procar will be part of it.

For those that don’t know, the BMW M1 Procar was the race car that BMW had made and given its own racing series. After the M1 was developed its intended racing series was scrapped, leaving BMW no race for its new race car. So it came up with its own, the M1 Procar series. While it didn’t last very long, it did feature some great drivers, former F1 drivers, and one of the best race cars of all time, the BMW M1.

According to some of the drivers who raced in the BMW M1 Procar series, the M1’s 3.5 liter naturally-aspirated I6 made an incredible noise.

“The Procar race was usually better than the Grand Prix itself. I loved racing those cars, it was the best thing ever, incredibly competitive and those straight-six engines made a wonderful noise.” said Hans Stuck of the Procar series which would always follow the F1 races on the same weekends.

At the GRRC Member’s Meeting, a few BMW M1 Procars will do some laps at the famous race track, filling the surrounding area with one of the greatest motorsport noises of all time. Though, Top Gear claims the noise from the M1 Procar to be the “most magnificent sounding vehicle on the planet”. That’s quite high praise, especially from TG, where high-priced exotics and hypercars are tested daily.

In addition to the BMW M1 Procars will be a suite of LeMans Prototype racers, including the Audi R18 and Porsche 919. So there will be some serious metal at Goodwood in April.

[Source: Top Gear]