At the moment, the #NEXTGen19 event is underway in Munich, showing off some of the best cars BMW has to offer, along with some incredible visions for the future. We’ve already shown you the BMW Vision M NEXT, the Power BEV and the BMW Motorrad Vision DC Roadster, all three of which are futuristic concepts. However, there were also some current cars in attendance, cars whose presence was every bit as exciting, just in a different way. For instance, the BMW M8 Coupe and Convertible.

We actually had a chance to get up close and personal with the BMW M8 Coupe a few months back but it was a pre-production car and certain design elements weren’t even finalized. Now, though, today was our first chance to see the M8 production car in person. It was also the first time we’ve been up close to the BMW M8 Convertible.

It’s a stunning car in person, it really is. Even though the standard 8 Series is already beautiful, and the M8 isn’t so much different, there’s a presence to the M8 that the regular 8er doesn’t have. Even the M850i. The BMW M8 just sits lower, looks meaner and has a seductive feel that its lesser powerful siblings have. Maybe it’s just the knowledge of its proper M Division DNA or the 600 hp lurking underneath its sculpted hood.

More interesting than that is how good the BMW M8 Convertible looks. Personally, I feel like the BMW M8 Convertible is even better looking than the coupe. That may seem like lunacy to the average enthusiast but, with the top down, the M8 ‘Vert just looks so good. I feel the same way about even the standard 8 Series Convertible. The M8 just cranks it to eleven.

The moment that this is the first time we’re seeing an actual production BMW M8 isn’t lost on us, either. Whether it was a few months back or today, we truly appreciate the fact that a BMW M8 is finally real.