BMW announced today that all of its mobility services and products will be pooled in a new digital ecosystem dubbed myBMW. This means all of the BMW Group and NOW services (those created and run in collaboration with Daimler) will be housed under this name, to make usage a lot easier. Since each app is rather complex and the entire ecosystem covers a wide spread of functions, the products and services will be split between three categories: My Car, My Life and My Journey.

For now, BMW refused to offer more details into the matter, but it looks like we’re in for a comprehensive mobility experience, available from our phone and usable with the tips of our fingers. According to the company, more details will be revealed about myBMW at the Frankfurt Motor Show, this September but there’s still a long way to go until then. The NextGen event also shed some light into the plans BMW has with other digital services as well.

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Amazon Alexa are available inside a host of BMW and MINI models with seamless integration but not on all markets. Some markets already have a great integration of Alexa services and features available. This allows customers to use the personal assistant in their cars just like they would in their homes. You can ask Alexa questions, get weather forecasts and traffic information, catch up on sporting events, listen to tracks from Amazon Music or TuneIn, or check out audio books from Audible. Appointments and to-do lists or shopping lists can likewise be managed by speaking.

BMW also mentioned its digital charging services for electric cars which allow customers to check the probable availability of a specific station along the selected route before they begin their journey. Once they are within 20 minutes’ drive of the intended charging station, they can also reserve a space directly from their car. And if that car happens to be a BMW plug-in hybrid, they will additionally earn valuable iMILES bonus points for any sections of electric driving recorded within the BMW eDrive Zones. These can then be exchanged for extra charging credit at all ChargeNow stations.