The new BMW M boss Markus Flasch aims to take the M division into a new era. He took over the reigns of the Motorsport department over in Munich in late 2018, but he’s already working on a number of very interesting projects. In a recent interview with Australian news outlet Car Sales, he even went as far as discussing what kind of potential bespoke or stand-alone M models could have.

It looks like the BMW M division is currently assessing the production of stand-alone cars, models that don’t fit in any current line-up, cars that don’t necessarily have a predecessor. Think BMW M1, if you will. This sort of car would be a bold investment from BMW, considering how things are going in terms of sales right now. However, since the Germans sold over 100,000 M cars last year, it may be a profitable move.

“We are investigating M variants that may also be stand-alone, that don’t have a predecessor,” said Flasch. Notice that he used plural in that sentence. That could very well mean, a number of such bespoke M cars could be on the way. According to the article, a decision has been made on what kind of a car it will be but Flasch refused to offer more details. He did confirm that there were ‘more than one’ concepts being studied.

Possibilities are quite varied at the moment and the car could either be a hybrid, all electric or use a petrol engine alone, all three choices being weighed in. As for what we should expect from this stand-alone M car the boss of the M division said:

“It has to fit our character, a combination of precision, agility and luxury. And we are not copying, we are doing it our own way.” Furthermore, this new car could be cheaper than some would expect, as Flasch doesn’t find it has to be the most expensive model in the line-up when it comes out. That’s incredibly great news.