When it was first unveiled, the LCI update for the BMW 7 Series was largely criticized, mostly for its enormous grille. Its new Kidney Grille design is hilariously massive, which has drawn quite a bit of ire from a large portion of the enthusiast fanbase. We actually like it because it’s much less boring than before but there’s no denying that it’s a bit shocking. The real problem is that it distracted everyone from how good of a car it actually is and where else it’s improved. In this new video from Carwow, we get to see the 7 Series LCI in its entirety.

The newly refreshed 7 Series might feature a monster new grille but it also gets new taillights, which look better than before, and a new bit of trim around the Air Breather. It seems as if BMW heard the criticism of the pre-LCI car looking as if a hockey stick had been glued to the side. Now it looks a bit better.


Inside, the design isn’t all that different but it has had some minor changes to make it feel just a bit more premium. For instance, it gets a bit of new dashboard trim, which looks nice and high-quality and it also gets the brand’s new digital instrument panel. Oddly, it still has the old-school shift lever and iDrive rotary dial, neither of which look as premium as the new ones. Still, it’s a very nice cabin with rich materials and ultra-solid build quality.

When it comes to actually driving the BMW 7 Series, it’s a very quiet and relaxing ride. BMW added even more sound deadening material to the cabin so it’s more quiet than ever. Also, as Carwow’s Mat Watson points out, it will gladly to big donuts with the traction control turned all the way off, even in just the 730d model. So the BMW 750i should be a lot of fun.