Now that the BMW 7 Series facelift is out, reviews are going to start popping up here and there. However, comparisons with its usual rivals from Germany are just as inevitable. Today we’re looking at one such three-way feature courtesy of the guys from What Car. They took a 2019 Audi A8 and a similar Mercedes-Benz S-Class to pit them against the newcomer – The 7 Series facelift.

The three cars compared here are all diesels, as those are still the most popular choices in Europe right now. Although things are changing, for the moment it’s hard to beat the frugality and endless torque a diesel engine offers. All three feature 3.0 liter diesel engines and all three are configured rather nicely. The comparison goes over most things you may wonder about when thinking about buying one of them.

Inside the cabin, the A8 is criticized for its lack of physical buttons. Using touch screens might look fancy but becomes an ordeal in real life especially on rough patches of road. The 7 Series has the sturdiest interior and the best infotainment system but, according to the reviewers, it has the least powerful massaging seats which is a bummer. The S-Class has the classiest interior of the three and the most luxurious rear seats in this particular configuration, with over $30,000 of optional extras.

On the road, the 7 Series is the harshest riding of the three. That doesn’t mean it’s not comfortable, especially on the highway, but it’s not as comfy as the other two. There’s an explanation for that too, as the 7er is the sportiest of the bunch. Surprisingly, the S-Class didn’t win the award for the most comfortable ride, that honor going to the A8, instead. In the end, the Audi won the comparison and understandably so, as it is the newest of the three.