One point we’ve seen most reviewers make over more recent times is that modern day BMWs are too expensive. It’s a recurring theme, if you will, a lot of journalists and owners/fans of the brand claiming that BMW ownership is getting more and more expensive. Numbers show that’s not the case, if you adjust the figures with inflation and compare them but then again, we do like to complain, right? Well, the guys from Roadshow took a brand new 3 Series for a spin and found it’s worth the trouble.

The new 3 Series arrived in dealerships around the world this year and it’s already selling rather well. That’s quite a feat, to be honest, as its main rival is the BMW X3, a car that has a very close pricing policy and is an SUV. As we all know, the world has gone made recently, apparently having an incredible appetite for SUVs, leaving traditional Sedans behind. However, while the X3 might be ‘more car for the money’ it’s also less dynamic.

The way the new 3 Series drives leaves the X3 in the dust and it’s not just me saying it, but the guys from Roadshow as well. The balance and stiffness of the car both stand out almost immediately, as soon as you get in. Then there’s the interior, which got a massive make over compared to the X3 and comes with more tech. From the new Intelligent Personal Assistant to the Live Cockpit, there’s more inside the 3 Series than ever.

In the end though, it’s down to personal choice. This review does praise the 3 Series and for good reason: it’s a very good car. The main issue some people have with it is in the banking department but, according to the review, the new car is worth the money. Do you agree?