Whether or not you like the idea of a front-wheel drive BMW 1 Series, such a car is coming. And soon. The next-gen 1er is on its way and its bringing with it a new front-wheel drive BMW architecture. It’s also bringing new looks, new engines, a new interior and new technology. While we’ve seen spy photos of the new 1 Series, this new official unwrapping by BMW is our closest look yet.

Our friends at our sister site BimmerToday were able to get an up close look at the 1er and were even allowed to peel some of its camouflage off. Admittedly, they weren’t able to peel all of its camo off, just a few small portions of it. For instance, they peeled off some of its camo surrounding the headlights and taillights. That allows us to see some of it uncovered and get a slightly better idea of what it will look like.

They also unwrapped a bit of its interior but not enough to reveal anything too different from what we’ve seen before. For instance, they took off the fabric covers on the digital gauge cluster and iDrive screen. Both of which we’ve seen plenty of before in other BMWs and aren’t really any different here. While that might not be too exciting, those two bits of technology will actually make the BMW 1 Series one of the most high-tech cars in its class.

In the end, this is just a minor tease of the upcoming car but its official release is on its way soon. When it finally does debut, the new BMW 1 Series will cause quite a bit of controversy, as its front-wheel drive nature betrays a lot of the brand’s values in the eyes of many enthusiasts. We’re just hoping it’s as good to drive as promised, drivetrain be damned.

[Source: BimmerToday]