SPIED: See the BMW 1 Series Interior Front and Center

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2019 BMW 1er F40 Spyshots Vorab Fahrbericht 118i 02 830x553

I hope by know, most BMW enthusiasts are over the fact that the next-gen 1 Series is going to be front-wheel drive. It seems that …

I hope by know, most BMW enthusiasts are over the fact that the next-gen 1 Series is going to be front-wheel drive. It seems that no matter how promising the new 1er seems, there’s a large portion of the fanbase that just can’t get past its choice of drivetrain. We hope they can open their minds a bit and allow for some optimism because it’s shaping up to be a good little car. Some new spy photos have surfaced, showing off the interior and it looks quite good. (We don’t own the spy photos but you can see them here)

Inside the new BMW 1 Series, passengers will be met with a familiar cabin. Familiar in the sense that it’s very similar to the 3 Series, its more expensive sibling. It’s always a good thing when interior design and technology trickles down from the top, as it offers lesser expensive cars interiors that look and feel more premium than their price point might suggest. So the fact that it looks like a 3er inside is a good one.

2019 BMW 1er F40 Spyshots Vorab Fahrbericht 118i 10 830x554

Don’t think it’s identical to the 3 Series because it isn’t. Its dashboard is a bit different and both its design and its trim seem to sculpt and wrap around the gauge cluster. That gives it a more driver-focused look and feel, making it seem sportier. Also, the starter button seems to be on the dash, which is different from other modern Bimmers. Though, the spot on the console, next to the shift lever, where the starter button is on the 3 Series still seems to be there, just blank. We hope BMW does something about that.

Also, it seems as if the BMW 1 Series won’t be getting fully-digital gauges, at least on entry-level models. The gauges here seem to have some physical shapes to them, with each individual gauge getting a separate housing with a digital screen. This might be the entry-level instrument panel with the fully-digital one being an option.

Overall, this looks like a nice interior for this segment. It’s not as flashy as the Mercedes-Benz A-Class or the Audi A3 but it looks sportier than both and should have better technology. So you might not like the fact that it’s front-wheel drive but it’s getting a nice cabin.

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14 responses to “SPIED: See the BMW 1 Series Interior Front and Center”

  1. disqus_hiF7NvKYKq says:

    Difficult to judge in camo. But it seems the front bonnet should be longer (to accommodate the 3.0 litre six) and lower/sharper in the front – more streamlined and less blunt in the front :-) perhaps! Vehicle seems to be too boxy.

    • emulajavi says:

      Remember that it’s going to be FWD with transversely mounted engine instead of longitudinally, so there’s no need to make the hood longer.

      Instead, it’d be ‘higher’ and ‘less parallel’ to the ground, like the Mercedes A-class to acomódate the transversal engine.

      • disqus_hiF7NvKYKq says:

        So does this in effect mean BMW won’t be offering their creamy smooth award winning best ever in-line 30L six in the “new “F40 1 Series? BIG mistake BMW if this is so. Or G-D forbid even contemplating a V6 to “fit” the short hood. Or, maybe they are going to stress the hell out of the multi turbo 2l 4 to deliver the required power and torque at the expense of reliability and durability.

        • Weiman says:

          This has been common knowledge for a looong time now.
          If Mercedes can get around 400hp out of a 2.0 I4, I am sure BMW can too IF they choose to. Which I doubt since they cover that segment with the M2.

        • seancorr says:

          They are going to follow AMG since the A45 had no issues and u have to remember BMW has deep roots in 2.0l turbo technology dating back 2 decades ago

  2. emulajavi says:

    About the Start Engine button, maybe I’m wrong but the dash button looks to me to be ‘a sticker’.

    Climate controls, Radio buttons, Lights buttons, and Gear selector seem to be the same in all BMW ‘new interiors’ which is mainly a cost effective thing, so I expect the 1-Series to also have the Start button next to the gear selector.

  3. us1jacck says:

    Yeah, I’m over it, I’ll get a finale edition before the new 4 pot bubble car comes out. If I wanted “all tech” and bubble, I’d get an A class. I can’t wait any longer for a RWD, 6 pot with eco boost. I’m back in, now that it’s going. I’m over my pin sharp naturally aspirated low down rev go cart fetish.

  4. Distiller_2 says:

    This is nasty. The higher spec F21s will be one of the few cars in their class not depreciating but appreciating.

  5. You Thana says:

    What a ‘leak’. They found the car standing around in this scenery. Typical marketing drop. I wish they wouldn’t build this trash can. BMW can only loose in this segment. It is already taken by Mercedes, Volkswagen etc. The market doesn’t need yet another FWD premium hatch.

    • CfAuto says:


    • Weiman says:

      Disagree. Why would you call it a trash can? There are a lot of things that the market doesn’t “need” but sell well anyway.

      Also, it’s lose not loose.

      • You Thana says:

        Have you had a look at 2 series grand tourers on the streets? Most of them already look shabby. In Berlin Germany i’ve seen a few that are outright beaters. Dents everywhere, dirty and the inside is messy too. What does this tell us? A lot of buyers of these things don’t care at all. Why does this matter? Brand recognition and value. If you build cheap cars just to have some market share there, you’re selling your brand values out. Fewer and fewer people will buy expensive models from this company. BMW is a brand associated with premium handling and performance. I wouldn’t mind at all if they didn’t ditch the RWD 1 series for this car. This is not an improvement, it’s a sell out and will damage the brand recognition. My next car won’t be a 3 series and especially not a FWD 1 series. I have better investments in my mind.
        BTW, thanks for the correction, i’m not a native english speaker.

    • cnet-970ad33b278bd3b05502252be3640ea5 says:

      Sure, like they lost when they went against S Class with original 7er, or doubled their volume this century doubling down on crossovers, or brought new buyers to the brand with i3. BMW have already been doing FWD premium hatch this century with MINI, why not expand? Mini actually started it, VW didn’t compete here until Beetle died, Daimler only joined recently. Post-earnings warnings, BMW anticipate 50% in volume on new models, BEV, fwd. So much for loosing.

  6. seancorr says:

    Interior looks okay I hope there’s a lot of soft touch materials instead of hard plastics.

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