As a big E36 fan, however irrationally, I love watching videos of different E36 builds. Just seeing people modify and work on theirs makes me happy for some reason. Maybe it’s because I don’t actually have to get frustrated by doing the work anymore. There could be a bit of vengeful Schadenfreude going on there. But I digress. If you like watching these sorts of builds as well, this E36 BMW M3 build could be for you.

It shows off the transformation of a standard E36 M3 into a turbocharged monster. First, we see something as simple as a brake job, with its calipers also getting spray painted yellow. It’s the sort of stuff 17 year olds do to their first car.

Then, though, we see some much more complicated work. For instance, an adjustable air suspension with a custom fabricated housing for the air tank are both added. Then an engine out service is done, along with a head gasket replacement and an upgraded radiator/fan (I would have loved that on my E36. Cooling issues drove me insane).

Next on the docket for the project E36 BMW M3 was a new clutch, new exhaust and a big ole turbocharger. The gold reflective tape for the turbo was also a nice touch, even if its a bit superfluous.

When it’s all said and done, it looks and sounds nothing like an original E36 BMW M3. Instead, it looks like a track car and it sounds like a monster. For better or worse. Some might like its extreme nature while others will be upset by its impurity. Still, if you like modifying cars and/or wrenching yourself, this video is fun to watch. Especially because you don’t have to do any of the work yourself. Let the other suckers work on the E36 while you watch and enjoy.