E36 BMW M3

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E36 BMW M3 has some of the greatest side mirrors

A list of the best side mirrors in automotive history isn’t exactly an exciting one on paper. Until you start to actually look through some of the cooler side mirrors to ever adorn production cars…

VIDEO: E36 BMW M3 Time Lapse Build in 10 Minutes

BMW M3 GT E36 10 830x553

VIDEO: Modified E36 BMW M3 on The Smoking Tire

In this new episode of The Smoking Tire, Zack drives a modified E36 BMW M3 Sedan to find out if he has buyer’s remorse from buying his own E46 M3, rather than having bought an…

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This 1999 BMW M3 makes me miss my E36

I’ve never actually owned an M car. I’ve driven M cars, obviously, but have never actually had one to call my own. However, I have had an E36 3 Series before and it’s a car…

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Canada was able to get a few Euro-Spec E36 BMW M3s

It’s pretty common knowledge among BMW enthusiasts that the North America-market E36 BMW M3 wasn’t as good as the Euro-spec model. The E36 M3 we got in America didn’t have the same 3.0 liter S50…

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VIDEO: How US buyers got screwed over the E36 M3

As a personal fan of the E36 BMW 3 Series, it’s always a sore subject when someone brings up the differences between the European and American E36 BMW M3. While most American enthusiasts are none…

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How much power does an E36 M3 lose after 20 years?

Much like the human body, cars begin to lose some power and capability after many years. Just like people, cars get old. But just how much youth do cars lose after decades? Well, Alex from Car…