It’s all but fact that if you want to buy the best sports car money can buy, you get a Porsche 911. It’s the gold-standard for sports cars and is widely regarded as the best on the market, regardless of generation. The reason for the 911’s reign as the top-dog sports car is its handling, steering, balance and overall driving feel. However, in terms of performance, several cars have reached the 911’s level and even surpassed it. In this new article from Forbes, a Porsche 911 owner admits that the BMW M5 Competition has not only reached the Porsche’s performance levels but is also close enough in its feel that it’s worth buying over the famed sports car.

In terms of performance, the BMW M5 Competition crushes the 911, at least in a straight line and in real world driving. On a track, there’s a good possibility that the 911’s lighter weight and superior agility would make it faster. However, on the road, the M5 Competition will leave every 911, that isn’t a ‘Turbo’ or ‘GT2 RS’, in the dust.

That’s not a secret, though, and the 911 isn’t designed to be a straight-line burner. It’s designed to be a sharp, nimble and energetic sports car, one that thrills the driver. In that regard, the Porsche 911 is superior and we doubt anyone would argue that. The M5 Competition is fun but it’s still heavier than two tons and packed with a ton of luxury and technology in between the driver and the road.

Having said that, according to this review from a Porsche 911 owner, the M5 Competition is fun and dynamic enough that if you just needed to buy one car, and not a specific sports car, the Bimmer can genuinely be considered on the same plane as the 911. Just the fact that the new M5 can be considered as even close to as good as the 911 is genuinely impressive.

When you add in its added practicality of four doors and the fact that the M5 Competition is more luxurious, it seems like more car for the money. Admittedly, if you’re looking for a proper sports car, one that you only use for fun, there’s no question that the Porsche 911 is the better car and the one to get. But if you’re looking for something that’s a bit more well-rounded, the M5 Competition is the better car and that’s coming from a 911 owner. Impressive.

[Source: Forbes]