Russia is such a magical place. Whether you like Russians or not or the country itself, you can’t deny things happen differently in the largest country in the world. They just have a certain way of doing things that’s just different. From crashing all the time in traffic to doing ridiculous stunts on live highways, they are definitely off the hook according to our own views of the world. Today we’re looking at a BMW M850i Convertible drifting atop a frozen lake.

The guys from DSC OFF are the ones who put in the work to get this footage done but it was definitely worth it, in our book. They are the same people who brought us the BMW M5 Competition vs Mercedes-AMG GT63 S 4-Door comparison and many other interesting head to head videos. This time, they are taking a convertible BMW M850i xDrive to a frozen lake. As far as I could make out from their Russian (thanks auto-translate closed captions!) this would be the Baikal Lake.

Their car was also fitted with some rather special winter tires. To be more precise, they had studded tires on the car, helping the camera people get some awesome shots of the car drifting on top of the lake. Otherwise, it would’ve been pretty hard even to get going let alone drift. And I know what you’ll be saying about the fact that the car was driven with the roof folder even though it was winter out but the 8 Series convertible actually has a few tricks to keep you warm.

I’m driving an M850i Convertible right now and the weather isn’t exactly warm in Europe. Even so, with the wind deflector up and even the windows up, once you turn on the heat inside, along with the neck warmers, you really don’t feel the cold anymore and you can enjoy driving with the roof folded at rather low temperatures. You should definitely try it sometime.