While BMW and Mini were not involved with each other when the classics were made, we still love them. How does one not love a classic Mini? There might not be happier, more fun cars on the planet. In this new video from Chris Harris, he goes racing in a classic Mini Cooper S racer at Goodwood that was built by Swiftspeed, a racing team that uses cars built by Nick Swift. Not only does Harris go racing in the classic Mini, he does so in the memory of his Mom, who used to race classic Minis and who sadly passed away last week.

This video is awesome and if you have ten minutes, it’s must watch stuff for car enthusiasts. These classic Mini racers are absolutely fantastic and hilarious. With 130 hp from a tuned four-cylinder and just 600 kg (1,322 lbs), Harris’ little Cooper S is shockingly fast. Sure, its top speed is only 120 mph but that doesn’t mean a damn thing. That’s because it can average 90 mph through Goodwood and fly through corners at speeds that seem terrifyingly fun.

It also races different than anything else. Even Harris, who’s an excellent driver, needs to adapt to its learning curve and even gives a great breakdown of what it’s like to drive one through Goodwood. Spoiler Alert: There’s very little braking and a lot of lift-off oversteer. It looks like it’s so much fun after you can get over the gripping fear of going that fast with other classic racers inches away.

Watch this video and see these glorious little Minis get thrown around in anger at one of the most historic race tracks on the planet. Also, watch the impressive driving on display by Chris Harris and especially Swift, who seems out of his mind at times on the track.