The awesome series built around the imaginary M Town from BMW continues today with yet another funny video. This time, the people in M Town are advocating for their Police Department and how awesome it is to work for. As the M folks got us used to so far, the clip has some funny bits that will definitely make you laugh or, at least, smile. From the way the ‘officers’ talk – i.e. with a think accent – to the crime they witness it’s pretty funny to watch.

The BMW M Town Police Department also has some pretty cool cars, to be honest, cars we’d like to see on public roads every day. The one that went through the most modifications is a BMW M2 posing as a patrol car. It has a bull-bar up front, lights on the roof and it is dressed in proper Police Department colors, in similar fashion to the LA police cars, featuring black and white. It is, to some degree, the coolest car in the force in my opinion and we’ve seen it before.

Then there’s the undercover/detective car. A Fire Orange BMW M4 that’s simply stunning. As this is supposed to be an inconspicuous car, it doesn’t have any strobe lights or any additional equipment fitted to it, at least on the outside. Upon arriving at a ‘crime scene’, the detective driving it finds the hideous crime almost unbearable but that motivates him as we’re about to find out. I won’t tell you what that ‘crime’ was though, wouldn’t wanna spoil the surprise.

Finally, we get to see another police car, this time a sort of fast response truck in the clothes of a BMW X5 M. Fitted with a light bar up top, the SUV is apparently carrying the SWAT team that will take down the bad guys tricking BMW parts in an ungodly manner. You have been warned!