With just a few months before its unveil, the 2020 BMW G80 M3 is going through the final testing stages. And since no testing can be completed without intensive runs at the Nurburgring, a heavily camouflage G80 M3 prototype was spotted there earlier this week.

The new M3 is hardly a mystery, we’ve seen several reports from us and others talking about the new powertrain and power options, and more recently, we’ve even seen parts of its rear end.

Just like the leaked images, the spy photos seen here show the rear wheel arches being flared out, similar to those found on the current F80 BMW M3, though not quite as extreme. Still, it will have a wider wheeltrack than the standard M3 and will get some blistered out arches to accommodate it.

The test mule features the M-style mirrors, along sports quad exhausts, and a rear spoiler.

Under the hood, this M3 will pack the brand’s new S58 engine, making about 470 hp with a Competition model making over 500 hp. That will make this the first M3/M4 to produce over 500 hp from the factory. Even the hardcore M4 GTS only made 492 hp.

This will also be the first BMW M3 to offer all-wheel drive and it will also be the first M3 to offer two different drivetrains. There will be a rear-wheel drive model and an all-wheel drive version of the standard M3 (Competition will only be all-wheel drive).

[Source: IG @wilcoblok]