Just recently, BMWFanatics in South Africa held a car show in Johannesburg called CAR-Finated. It’s very similar to a Cars & Coffee you might find here in America, just with only BMWs. It’s a great event and filled with a ton of cars. Thankfully, we were given a great gallery of the cars at the event, thanks to a local photographer who shared them with us.

At the CAR-Finated meet, there were some truly special Bimmers. These sorts of events always bring out the most unique and interesting enthusiasts who have some of the most fascinating cars and builds. Everything from slammed BMW i8s to fully-restored classics to gorgeous ALPINAs, the CAR-Finated show had everything a BMW fan could ask for. There were even a handful of MINIs and an errant Audi R8. We’ll let the R8 slide because even though it’s not a BMW it’s still an awesome car.

One common theme among the cars seemed to be taste and restraint. Even some of the more modified cars there were tastefully done and looked really nice. Nothing overly outlandish or absurd.

These sorts of car meets/shows are always great to attend because they bring out the true car enthusiast in all of us. Rather than worrying about status or performance, it’s just a place where a bunch of like-minded enthusiasts can admire each other’s cars, no matter how old/new, expensive/cheap or modified/stock. That’s what being a car enthusiast is all about — being around cool cars and interesting people and just talking about them. Nerding out, really.

Take a look at this massive gallery from CAR-Finated and check out some of the awesome cars on display. And if you’re in or around the Cape Town or Johannesburg area for the next one, you should make it a point to check it out.

[Source: Divio Photography]