The BMW Z4 is quite a desirable car. Considering the changes the automotive industry is going though, the Z4 shouldn’t even exist today, when people prefer buying huge SUVs with a lot more than just two seats. And yet, BMW pulled through and, thanks to a collaboration with Toyota, created yet another roadster for everyone to enjoy, following in the footsteps of cars like the 570 Roadster and the Z8.

The new Z4 is most desirable in its top model guise, the M40i M Performance version. Unfortunately, right now, the M40i has two different versions on sale around the world. There’s the US-bound model that has more power and the EU version coming with 335 HP and 500 Nm (369 lb-ft) of torque which is, of course, the one Joe Achilles is testing in the video posted below. His review is rather shorter than what he got us used to lately.

And yet he does make a couple of very good points. Having driven the sDrive20i model before the M40i version, he can accurately pinpoint the differences between them, aside from the power output. The sDrive20i uses a smaller, lighter 2-liter engine and that can be felt while driving it. At the same time, the M40i feels a bit harder to wield and control at times.

That’s natural if you think about it as the more powerful car is supposed to keep you more on your toes. He also points out this is not a sports car but rather more of a GT car that you can drive fast but not necessarily to the limit. To some extent, both Joe and Becky would go for the sDrive20i. Surprised? Maybe hear them out.