For a long time, it was difficult to understand the actual scope of BMW’s Individual program and its color choices. That’s because BMW didn’t really have much of a configurator for those colors. Sure, the main BMW website allowed you to choose from a couple of them but it never really showed off the shear size of its full collection. Now, though, you can use this new website to configure a handful of different cars with just about any color you can think of.

The choices of cars are as follows: 3 Series, 5 Series, 7 Series, 8 Series, M4 variants and M5 variants. That’s about it. However, it’s enough to really get a good look at some of the cooler looking colors BMW Individual has to offer on some of the brand’s best cars. And it’s consuming my afternoon.

Naturally, I went straight for the BMW M850i Coupe and started playing around with colors. I gave it black wheels first because I thought they’d look cool in contrast with all of the interesting color choices. And there are a ton of interesting ones.

There are about ten different greens, ranging from British Racing Green to the extremely bright Verde Mantis. If you like blue, you’re in for a treat here, as there are about a million different shades of blue. There are also a few colors from other brands you can choose from, such as Nardo Grey (Audi) , Rosso Corsa and Gregio Medio (Ferrari).

Then there are the several BMW Individual interior options, with all sorts of interesting color schemes. While I’m personally not a huge fans of wild interior colors (I’m more of a traditional black kind of guy), I can see how someone could get lost in options here.

What I love about all of these choices is that they make special cars feel more special. If you’re going to spend big bucks on something like a BMW M850i, why go for a boring color? You’re already spending a ton of money, why not go for something exciting, something that makes driving the car an event each and every time? And it works for lesser expensive cars, too. If you’re buying a BMW 330i, as an enthusiast, why should you have the same color as every other lease-special 3 Series that suburbanite moms drive because they want a fancy badge on the hood to impress Donna, who’s head of the PTA? If you’re an enthusiast, someone who really cares about the brand, your 3 Series should be more special than that and BMW Individual can make that happen.

[Source: BMW Individual Configurator]