The F90-gen BMW M5 is a fast car. A very fast car in fact. With 600 hp and 553 lb-ft of torque, it’s capable of 0-60 mph in just 2.8 seconds, which is stupid-fast, to put it frankly. It can also get close to 200 mph if left unrestricted. However, what happens when it has 743 hp thanks to a Stage 2 tune from Evolve Automotive? Well, the folks at Evolve decided to find out at VMAX 200.

If you aren’t aware, VMAX 200 is an event in the UK and an old RAF airfield where enthusiasts get to drag race their cars against each other, safely. So it’s a good way to test just how fast your car can go and it’s also a good way to help develop cars you’re trying to tune. In this case, Evolve took their Project F90 BMW M5, with their Stage 2 tune and nearly 750 hp, to drag race for the first time. So not only was the event a test of what it could do but what else needed to be done to it.

On the first run, without launch control, in 4WD Sport and with traction control in MDM mode, it ran a sub-eleven second quarter-mile and hit a top speed of 193 mph. What’s interesting is that it probably could have reached 200 mph but the car ran into what seemed like a second speed limiter. Once it hit 193 mph, it just stopped revving and pulling, which was odd because its speed was climbing steadily until that point. So Evolve will have to dig into the car’s software and remove that second limiter.

They also lined the BMW M5 up against another tuning company’s Mercedes-AMG E63 S. The other tuner is a friend of Evolve’s and tunes a lot of Mercedes’. In a drag race, Evolve’s M5 wrecked the AMG. Though, it must be said that the AMG was running a Stage 1 tune while the BMW M5 was running Evolve’s Stage 2.

Still, it’s crazy just how fast the F90 BMW M5 is stock and how much faster it can be made. That E63 wasn’t the only impressive car it beat in a race that day. So check the video out.