By now, you’ve probably already seen Evolve Automotive’s Project Vyper F80 BMW M3. It’s hard to miss, as it’s a bright green M3 with some cool carbon fiber bits. But the most interesting part about it is that Evolve has fit it with new hybrid turbos — along with a new tune, Eventuri intake and new exhaust — and it makes a lot more power than stock. That’s 605 hp to be exact. And Evolve just took this M3 to VMAX 200 to test out its performance.

If you aren’t familiar, VMAX 200 is an event at an old RAF airstrip where enthusiasts can test the top speeds of their cars and race against each other. It’s a pretty awesome event that is packed to the brim with insanely powerful cars. Everything from hot hatchbacks to seven-figure exotics, all of which are highly tuned and customized, can be seen blasting down the runway at VMAX.

In this new video from Evolve, we see them testing the Project Vyper BMW M3. This is the third video from that day, as they tested two other project cars of theirs; an F90 BMW M5 and an Audi RS3 Sedan. The kicker with the BMW M3 is that it’s running 605 hp from its tune and hybrid turbos, making it about 150 hp more powerful than the M3 Competition on which it’s based. It also has lightweight wheels and very sticky summer tires.

It’s very fast, too. On the first run of the day, Evolve was able to hit 193 mph, which is very fast in a BMW M3. Remember, it’s not a sleek, aerodynamic supercar but a sports car based on a four-door family sedan. So the fact that it can sniff 200 mph is extremely impressive. With some better cooling and maybe a tweak or two in the tune, it’s possible Evolve can get their M3 to crest that magical 200 mph mark. Good work, Evolve.