We’ve seen Evolve Automotive’s Project Vyper F80 BMW M3 before. It’s a very brightly painted M3, painted in Verde Mantis green that features some mechanical upgrades as well, such as a couple of Evolve’s hybrid turbos. In this new video, Evolve puts some new aero bits on it to make it look even more aggressive than it already does.

The main two upgrades done to the car in this video are the additions of its new rear diffuser and lower front lip spoiler. The former is a three-piece carbon unit that looks really good. It replaces the rather bland looking stock one and looks very sporty. The latter is a two-piece plastic and carbon unit, with the carbon fiber piece actually being a BMW M4 GTS part, and it looks cool but sticks out comically far. Though, Evolve’s Imran does say that it was done that way just for the video.

Also, does anyone else really like watching the work get done time-lapse style? I don’t know about you but it hypnotizes me.


It also gets its M4 GTS-style hood painted in this video. It was two-tone, with exposed carbon fiber, prior to painting but now it’s fully painted in the Verde Mantis body color. It does look better in body color, as it really shows off the wild green paint. It does hide a lot of the lines in the hood, though, which is a bit of a bummer because the hood looks so cool but, as a whole, it looks better in body color.

Overall, it’s a really cool project BMW M3, one that’s really starting to come alive. What’s nice about it is that it’s not too insane looking, despite the vibrant paint. Even with its wild paint color, carbon fiber aero, new wheels and GTS-style hood, it’s not too obnoxious looking.