People usually associate BMW with dark colors. Of course, that will depend a lot on the model we’re talking about but just looking through the usual paint colors picked by people or offered by BMW, you’ll see a lot of blacks and grey/silver. Those seem to be predominant but the Bavarians are trying really hard to change that perception about their cars. From the new M Town ads that use very colorful cars to the configurator we’re showing you today of the Individual colors for the new 3 Series.

The G20 3 Series was launched in San Portimao blue, which is a rather beautiful shade of blue. Yet, for those looking to truly stand out, the BMW 3 Series can go through the Individual treatment and the color choices are truly … interesting. You get to choose between 84 Individual paint colors in total, which is rather staggering if you ask me. You can add the 18 other, ‘standard’ colors to the mix too if you want, to get a total of over 100 colors for the 3 Series.

The choices vary quite a lot too, being split between Metallic and Uni paints. The Metallic ones add up to a total of 60 different hues and range from more commonly seen shades like Le Mans Blue, Austin Yellow and Melbourne Red to rarer shades like Barbera Red, Purple Silk, Mora or Jerez Black. On the Uni side of things you get Laguna Seca blue or Grigio Medio as the more ‘common’ choices while truly rare hues like Pure Blue or British Racing Green are also on offer.

The visualizer also allows you to customize the interior with some Merino extended leather, maybe in Fjord Blue and then fit some M Performance parts to your car, just to see how it would turn out. Just be careful as the wide range of options might steal you away from important stuff for a couple of hours.