By now you probably figured out that the BMW M5 is quite a beast, both on the drag strip and on the track. The M5 is a proper land rocket and independent tests have shown that it’s even faster than what BMW claims for it – the 3.4-second dash being a ‘conservative’ estimate. The Competition model is even faster, a lot of publications claiming it will do the trademark sprint in 3 seconds flat.

The video below shows one pretty damn fast BMW M5 taking on a proper supercar at the drag strip. Yes, the F90 M5 seen here manages to keep up and even beat the iconic Lamborghini Huracan. That’s a pretty big deal in my book for several reasons. First of all, a big sedan like that shouldn’t be able to pull such crazy stunts. It’s so big and so comfy, being able to carry four adults in absolute comfort, that it makes the Italian thoroughbred next to it look a bit silly by comparison.

People buy supercars like the Huracan or a Ferrari or a McLaren for their incredible performance. They put up with the shortcomings just because they usually offer eye-watering numbers that can’t be achieved by cars that would be severely more practical. And yet, that’s no longer the case these days with cars like the M5 and the E63 AMG in the picture. They can seemingly match these supercars in a straight line without any of the drawbacks. And they’re cheaper!

Sure, we’re talking about a different story on the track but then again let’s face it: how many people actually track their cars? The most racing 90 percent of these cars see will be from a stoplight. In all fairness, the Lambo was stock and the M5 was apparently slightly tuned but even so, we’ve seen M5 models putting in low 11-second runs in stock condition so they weren’t far off anyway.