Despite it not being a proper BMW, we’ll always have a spot here for the McLaren F1. Not only is it one of the greatest cars of all time, of any kind, but it also shares a special connection to BMW. Which is why we think you should take a look at this new video from Doug DeMuro, who combs through all of the F1 and incredible details. More specifically, it’s Jay Leno’s McLaren F1.

As BMW fans, the F1 holds a special place in our hearts. See, the McLaren F1 was designed from the ground up by Gordon Murray and his team but not the engine. The engine was developed by BMW M and the legendary Paul Rosche.

Long story short, Murray wanted an engine with very specific requirements for his extremely lightweight, no-compromise sports car. He wanted it to have over 600 hp, natural-aspiration and be as lightweight as possible. He originally went to Honda, due to McLaren’s Formula One connection, but was ultimately shot down. Since Murray also knew BMW M’s Paul Rosche from F1 days, he approached him for an engine and gave BMW M his requirements. Some time later, the 6.1 liter naturally-aspirated V12 masterpiece (known internally as S70/2) that some consider to be the greatest road-car engine of all time.

Though, the McLaren F1 is so much more than just a brilliant engine. It’s an absolute work of automotive genius. It’s like if Da Vinci’s The Last Supper had wheels. Everything down to the most minute of details was thought of in making the F1 simply the finest driver’s car of all time. When it debuted in the ’90s, it was absolutely the greatest performance machine of all time. To this day, many enthusiasts feel that still rings true. Either way, the F1 is an astonishing car and this video is worth a watch. Afterward, check out some of Jay Leno’s other videos on his McLaren F1, where he pulls the glorious engine and shows off some of its finer parts.