Since everyone’s currently focused on the new kid on the block, the BMW M2 Competition, some are forgetting that before the M2 ever came out we had a different crowd favorite. It was the car that got the highest ever rating from Consumer Reports and a car that has more performance than you actually need on a day to day basis. This was the BMW M235i which has since been replaced by the BMW M240i.

The M240i is a brilliant machine and, in some respects, it’s even better than the M2 and the M2 Competition. Hear me out! The video below quite clearly explains what that means exactly. In terms of performance, there’s no question that the M2 Competition is better in every respect. From acceleration to track fun the M2 has it, hands down.

However, you do need to take into account two things: the price tag of each car and the way they will be used. Let’s be honest here, few people will actually track their car. Most BMWs and even M models are usually driven around town, and used as daily drivers. Obviously a small percentage of BMW owners actually track their cars and that’s the only place where the M2 will show its superior skills. But, in all honesty, most people will do most of their spirited driving on public roads and for that, the BMW M240i has plenty of performance in the bag.

And then there’s another thing: comfort. The M240i is more comfortable on a daily basis and on public roads than an M2. It’s also cheaper to run and can be had with all-wheel drive, which to some might come in handy. So, what’s there not to like?