It took a bit longer than we expected but the guys over at AC Schnitzer have finally unveiled their tuning program for the BMW M2 Competition. The compact M car can now be upgraded with parts from one of the oldest BMW tuners in the business, one of the few that still offers warranty for its products. AC Schnitzer has released a whole bunch of parts too, to allow you to have your pick. You can focus on performance alone or go for aero upgrades..

The one everyone’s probably most interested in is the engine upgrade module. The car’s S55 engine in standard guise makes 410 PS but after AC Schnitzer does its thing, it will deliver 500 HP and 650 Nm (476 lb-ft) of torque. The upgrade is Plug&Play and comes with a 3-year warranty. Unfortunately, we don’t have any 0-60 mph sprint times quoted by the tuner right now. If you do go for this upgrade though, a new exhaust could also be a good idea.

The tuning shop is also offering an RS adjustable suspension setup, allowing you to drop the front and rear axles by 30 to 40 mm. Otherwise you can also go just for a new set of coilover springs. In the wheels department the usual designs are still there, nothing new created specifically for the M2 Competition. Even so, there are plenty of options to choose from.

In the aerodynamics department, you can get a front splitter, a new carbon rear diffuser, a new roof spoiler and a new rear spoiler as well as a huge carbon fiber rear wing. All in all, there’s plenty to choose from and the gallery below certainly makes things look enticing. A 500 HP M2 Competition with warranty sounds like an ideal car.