The BMW F90 M5 is a beast in every given situation. Be it in a drag race from standstill or on the track, the new M5 is doing things it shouldn’t be capable of doing. A car this big and this comfortable should definitely have a different behavior, but it looks like the engineers over in the M division have worked their magic once again. That said, the BMW M5 Competition is even better on all performance-related accounts.

At first, one would be tempted to think that there’s really not much between them but that would be a false claim. On paper, the M5 Competition only has 25 extra horsepower but judging the car only by that figure would be a terrible mistake as there are many more differences infused in it. In its case as well, the straight line performance is outstanding from the get go and yet some people want more out of it.

The video below claims to show the fastest BMW M5 Competition in the world right now. Of course, it’s just a claim as it can’t be confirmed just yet, but it’s interesting to look at the performance figures posted by this car. According to the uploader, the car is not stock, having been fitted with a JB4 tune and a modified airbox, which should give it around 700 HP. That figure, combined with the all-wheel drive traction could drop some considerable time.

In standard guise these cars are usually clocked around the 11-second mark on the 1/4 mile, with a trap speed over 120 mph. In this case though, the car manages to pull a 10.24-second run with a trap speed of 136.93 mph which is blistering fast. My guess is that the power this particular M5 makes is a bit over 700 HP.