One thing that makes all M cars special is their dual character. It’s been said so many times that it is now basically a cliche, but it still holds true. The fact that you can buy a car you can use every day without major compromises and then take it to the track from time to time without it breaking down, is what makes every M model very desirable. The new BMW M5 makes things even better as this uber sedan will provide near supercar-like acceleration with tons of space inside.

It’s also a comfortable cruiser on longer hauls and can sit five people inside. Get your luggage in the massive trunk and you’re set for a great road trip. And when longer hauls get boring, just pop over to your nearest track and just enjoy that massive V8 doing its thing. But is a near 2-ton beast any good on a track or has the M5 finally become too big to be fast on a twisty circuit? Well, the answer comes in a lot of reviews already published online, where seasoned journalists tell you not to worry.

The guys from Motorsport Magazine went even further and took the M5 to the track to see how it handles itself. As usual they put the F90 M5 to the test on the Magny-Cours GP track and the result is rather stunning. The 600 HP beast was raced there and its 1:58.39 lap time makes it faster than the M2 Competition by over a second. Sure, the two probably feel a hell of a lot different but then again, the M5 shouldn’t be this fast.

As reported earlier, this lap time makes the M5 barely slower than an Aston Martin Vantage and that’s good news for those interested in the M8. That’s because the M8 will be the real rival of the Vantage once it comes out and since it will most likely be lighter and more powerful than the M5, it’s bound to post even better lap times.