First there was the BMW 7 Series. Then came the ALPINA B7 Biturbo. This launch sequence has been around for years and the new, facelifted, 7 Series is no different with the B7 Biturbo following closely in its steps. After the cars are launched, promotional videos are delivered by both manufacturers and as we’ve already seen the one put together by BMW for its 7er, it’s now time to take a look at how ALPINA decided to go about it.

While the 7 Series badge stands for luxury and comfort for most of its fans, when it comes to ALPINA people have different expectations. Understandably so too, as the ALPINA brand as a whole was built atop cars made by BMW. What the Buchloe-based company made in the first place were upgraded versions of BMW cars. Therefore, it’s normal to associate the ALPINA logo with a certain level of sportiness.

In the case of the B7 Biturbo, it’s an interesting mix. While the 7 Series commercial focused on luxury and an overall relaxed feeling, the B7 video posted below seems focused more on the speed factor. A big hint hides in the engine notes thrown in here and there for good measure. We get to hear the revamped 4.4-liter V8 engine under the hood of this majestic car, that allows it to do some pretty incredible things.

Some of those include accelerating from standstill to 62 mph in under four seconds, reaching top speeds around 186 mph, stuff you shouldn’t normally be able to do in such a large, luxurious sedan. Then again, the whole world seems to have gone crazy these days. Not that I’m complaining, whatsoever, I love these machines with all my heart. Now let’s take a look at what ALPINA has in store.