You guys probably heard of Mansory before. They are specialized in creating some ultra-luxurious and mean looking cars, based on some of the most expensive models you can buy today. They like to deal with the likes of the Bugatti Chiron, and other such jaw-dropping expensive cars and therefore it’s no surprise that they also took a stab at the Rolls-Royce Cullinan. Their take on the first ever SUV from Goodwood has a different name too.

That’s because this time, Mansory joined forces with the people from German luxury label Billionaire, to bring out this bespoke creation. The car itself features a two-tone paint scheme, with a couple of aerodynamic tweaks to make it look even meaner.

In this guise, the attitude is taken up a notch, with aggressive add-ons decorating the rear window, the rear bumper, sides and front end. We’re looking at a new exhaust here as well, probably bringing that massive V12 under the hood to life, as well as 24″ wheels filling up the widened wheel arches. Carbon fiber was the material of choice on the outside, as expected, while the interior went a different route.

A combination of black and white leather defines the interior of this car. Mansory lettering can be seen on the seats while the headrests don’t feature the Rolls-Royce emblem but the Billionaire logo instead. Crocodile leather inserts are used on the armrests and the sides of the front seats.

To finish things off, the 6.75-liter beating heart under the hood was also upgraded to deliver 611 PS and 950 Nm (701 lb-ft) of torque, dropping the 0-60 sprint under 5 seconds. The price tag is worthy of the Billionaire status, starting from €785,000 ($888,538) and only 13 of these will ever be made.