Mansory is one of those tuning houses that handles only the most expensive and extravagant cars out there. Its specialty, if you will, are G-Wagens but they don’t shy away from enhancing Bentleys as well, alongside Lamborghinis and other makes for the very wealthy. As the new Rolls-Royce Phantom is now being delivered around the world, the tuner decided to give it a makeover, and maybe some more power.

It’s not like anyone ever said: “Hey, you know what this Rolls-Royce Phantom could use? A bit more power!” but they thought to do so anyway. The 6.75-liter V12 engine under the hood is quite potent in its standard guise, delivering 563 HP and 663 lb-ft of torque, but in the Mansory version it is now capable of churning out 602 HP and 950 Nm (700 lb-ft). That’s just so that your power reserve indicator in the dash never ends up nearly close to zero (it doesn’t anyway, this being a marketing trick used by Rolls-Royce for quite some time now).

You’ll easily notice any Mansory Phantom on the road anyway, by its outlandish exterior design. Their treatment brings even bigger wheels to the proverbial table, side skirts, a new front apron and an extension grille for the bumper. You also get a spoiler and a noticeable exhaust system. Inside the cabin the usual quilted leather makes itself noticed, a somewhat trademark of the Mansory brand.

The thing is, while other brands might not be able to fit all these finishes inside your car’s cabin, that’s not an issue at Rolls-Royce. Their Bespoke program basically allows you to configure your Phantom’s interior however you like. If you want to use the tree you planted in the yard 20 years ago to decorate your dash, it can be done and if you want quilted leather that’s not an issue, as long as you’re willing to pay for it. Therefore, going to Mansory might just work if you want your car’s exterior to stand out, but not necessarily the interior. It’s an interesting offer for the ultra-rich nonetheless.