Lego Ideas is a fantastic program that allows fans to create their own, well, Lego ideas and offers a platform for those ideas to get support. If they gain enough support, Lego puts them into production. Brilliant. A lot of car ideas make their way to Lego Ideas, as us petrol-heads love a good Lego set of our favorite cars. This latest idea is one that we love and one that needs all of our support right now — a Lego BMW M1.

There have been Lego supercars before, such as the famous Lego Bugatti Chiron that consists of about a million pieces and costs more than some laptops. However, this BMW M1 is obviously one that touches our hearts. Not only is it one of the most iconic Bimmers of all time but it’s also one of the most rare and special supercars of all time. Especially when you consider that it was truly the first usable, everyday supercar.

The original BMW M1 was the first-ever M Division production car and it had an engine designed by the legendary Paul Rosche. Its 3.5 liter mid-mounted I6 engine was a masterpiece and made one of the greatest automotive noises of all time, especially in Procar spec. It also had a body designed by Giugiaro, making it achingly pretty.

Obviously, the Lego version is a little bit less powerful than that. However, its proposal does include both a regular and a race-spec version. They would be 986 and 1,059 pieces, respectively. Both will also have functioning doors, hoods and even steering. The race-spec version even has a massive wing. Awesome.

With the body off, you’ll be able to see the mid-mounted I6 in all of its miniaturized glory and even some of the interior. It’s seriously cool.

Currently, this idea has 572 supporters at the time of writing this, myself included in them. There are 417 days left to support it and it needs all of our help.

Personally, I’d love this. My love for BMW has also turned into a career. My son is also reaching the age where he can play with blocks and Lego, so this would give us something to make together and allow me to share both my passion and my career with him. So this is something I’d love to see become a reality. Let’s help out.

[Source: Lego Ideas]