What’s probably the biggest complaint about the F80 BMW M3 and F82 BMW M4 is about the noise. Their S55 3.0 liter twin-turbocharged I6 is a brilliant engine but it just doesn’t sound great and a lot of exhaust companies struggle to make it sound any better. Evolve Automotive has taken a shot at it and, after a couple of different variations, seems to have created a really nice sound for the M3 and M4.

In this video, we get to hear Evolve Automotive’s new Titanium Exhaust on their Project Viper F80 BMW M3. Not only does it drop about 18 kg (almost 40 lbs) but it makes the car sound better. What’s interesting is that they didn’t seem to love the sound of their original version of the exhaust, with the catalytic converter still in place.

So they removed the cat and tried it like that. However, they then felt that it was a bit too raspy and wasn’t to their liking just yet. So they added a new resonator, which only reduced the overall volume of the exhaust a tiny bit but helped reduce the unwanted rasp. With that all said and done, the F80 BMW M3 sounds much better than stock. It’s deeper, crisper and more expensive sounding. Whereas the standard car can sound a bit tinny and cheap.

Inside the car, it still doesn’t sound too brilliant, though that might have to do with the speaker exhaust augmentation going on.

Still, if you’re looking for a new exhaust for your BMW M3, Evolve Automotive’s seems like a great one. It’s also made from titanium so it’s lighter than the standard one, as previously mentioned, and its carbon fiber tips look better than the standard car’s. The M3 is one of the world’s best performing sedans, it should sound like it and this Evolve exhaust certainly helps.