If you’ve been following Evolve’s Project Viper, a bright green F80 BMW M3, you’d know that it has quite a good amount of work done to it but it’s all very tasteful and never looks or sounds too absurd. The latest modification done to it was to add two new, prototype Evolve turbochargers, which combine to add quite a huge bump in power. In this latest video, we get to see Evolve test its new turbochargers on its project M3.

With all of the engine work done to Evolve’s BMW M3, including the new turbos, a new intake and an ECU tune, it’s pushing 600 hp and 600 lb-ft of torque on the dyno. That’s incredibly impressive, considering the BMW M4 GTS, the most extreme production iteration of that S55 engine couldn’t even reach 500 hp. So this 600 hp BMW M3 should be bonkers fast in a straight line, once it stops tearing its rear tires to bits, that is.

At the drag strip, Evolve tries to see how fast it can go and uses the drag data to figure out how to fine tune and improve the car. For instance, they know that it starts to drop off in power toward the top end of the rev range and will even have a bit of a misfire at the very top end. So they know there needs to be some more tuning done. These drag runs are mainly to see how it performs up until that point.

How did it do? Pretty well, actually. In its first two runs, it record 179 mph and then 182 mph. Not too shabby for a 3.0 liter inline-six-powered sedan. Still, it’s not where they want to be. So they took the additional front lip spoiler off, as it was adding drag and it immediately hit 187 mph on its following run.

What’s cool is that Evolve shows off all of the other awesome cars racing that day in between the M3’s runs, such as a couple of Koenigseggs and even a Jaguar XE Project 8. The latter of which sounds like the gates of hell opening up on acceleration.

Overall, it was a good day for the Evolve Project Viper BMW M3. It reached 187 mph, significantly higher than its stock top speed and Evolve thinks it has more in it still. With some fine tuning, it’s likely to break 190 mph pretty easily. Imagine that, a BMW M3 doing almost 200 mph? That’s impressive.