Today marks the worldwide delivery debut of the new G20 3 Series. Customers around the world can now pick up their cars at their dealers and start enjoying them. That also means more and more reviews of the car are going to pop up online and one of the first, and more comprehensive out there comes from the guys over at Throttle House. They somehow managed to get the new G20 model and threw it right into the ring against the Audi B9 A4 and the current Mercedes-Benz C-Class.

No matter what some people may say, this is the trio that will dominate this segment for years. Even though there are some good challengers out there today, in the shape of the Jaguar XE and the Alfa Romeo Giulia, these three Germans will still be the best selling models, and BMW hopes the new 3 Series will lead the pack. That’s why this sort of comparison will be seen in the upcoming weeks and months.

The cars tested here are also equivalent in terms of specs. The natural rival of the 330i is the Mercedes-Benz C300 while the Audi A4 also comes with a 2-liter 4-cylinder turbocharged engine good for around 250 HP. According to the acceleration test done in this video, the BMW is still the fastest, by a small margin. Dynamically the 3er remains where you’d expect it, besting the other two cars due to its strengthened chassis and better composure but when it comes to other areas…

I won’t ruin the video by revealing everything in it though. The guys do make some valid points about each of these three cars and I think they are worth a watch. Having all three cars all at once for comparison purposes isn’t something anyone can do but you could test them out one at a time, to get a better idea yourself, if you want a new car.