The second generation BMW X1 was launched in 2015 and is bound to get a refresh next year. It has held up rather well, with sales reflecting its good positioning in the BMW line-up and within the small premium SUV segment. And while the life-cycle impulse will bring new technology to the table and a a few design tweaks, the X1 will remain the same at the core, with the same engine choices and underpinnings doing the work.

The people over at Roadshow took an xDrive28i model out for a spin to see how the little SUV handles and they were rather impressed with what the X1 is bringing to the table. Without a doubt, the biggest argument in its favor today is the price tag. In the current US line-up, the BMW X1 is the cheapest car you can buy with a blue and white roundel. Of course, these are the starting prices as optioning one out with everything, can get pricey, in a moment’s notice.

As for what you get, the fit and finish are up to par with the usual BMW standards, even if the materials used on entry-level cars are not always the best in the business.

The 2-liter engine under the hood delivers plenty of power and torque to all four wheels in xDrive guise, although you can also have the X1 with power going solely to one axle, if you want to save some money and weight. The engine and driveline are actually two of the things that make the X1 top of the class, according to this review, as it’s pretty obvious that, even though this is a FWD car at its core, it hasn’t forgotten its Bavarian roots when it comes to handling.