The new BMW 3 Series is getting great reviews, most journalists praising its chassis and body control as well as the fact that it really feels like the best driver’s car in the segment right now. Of course, we also took it out for a spin and found it impressive, especially in M340i guise. The guys from MotorWeek arrived in Portugal as well and, after a short stint with the 330i, they also jumped in the only 6-cylinder petrol engine on offer in the G20 range.

It’s hard to fault the 3 Series for what it brings to the table. It’s a really balanced car and has performance for every taste, depending on what model you go for. The issue could come from the fact that people seem to no longer buy sedans any more, switching to crossovers and SUVs these days. But for a sedan, the 3er is a great package and shows great potential for the upcoming BMW M3.

The guys from MotorWeek even went as far as to call the new 3er a ‘back to the roots’ car, which is probably the highest praise the new model could get these days, considering how regulations are changing the way car makers are manufacturing and developing models. Not long ago, the chief of BMW’s R&D department even had a nervous outbreak about the myriad of people comparing every new BMW to the E46 M3.

The signs are definitely good and we can’t wait for the spring of 2019 to get to drive the new 3 Series on our own on public roads, without anyone around and test it out to the absolute limit. That’s also when the most desirable model will come out, the M Performance M340i xDrive version, a teaser of the upcoming M3, if you will.