BMW Adu Dhabi Motors returns with a new exciting, this time, the subject of their extreme tuning process is the BMW M2 Competition. Using nearly the entire M Performance Catalog, the folks in Abu Dhabi give the M2 Competition a racing-inspired look. The white livery is therefore not only combined with many accents in visible carbon fiber, but also with a striking decorative wrap in the colors of BMW Motorsport.

While the wrap only serves as a visual effect, the carbon fiber components actually improve the performance of the M2 Competition. The newly developed M Performance bonnet made of carbon fiber with partially visible varnished carbon fiber is not only a real eye catcher; this is also the first time the BMW M2 Competition boasts a powerdome.

BMW M Performance Tuning M2 Competition F87 Abu Dhabi 02 830x553

This engine hood reduces the load on the front axle by approximately nine kilograms, too. Truly stunning looks are achieved in combination with the M Performance vehicle roof in carbon fiber, which is also made of visible varnished carbon fiber (approx. 5 kg weight saving) and the M Performance tailgate in carbon fiber (approx. 6 kg weight saving).

For increased contact pressure and therefore more stability at higher speeds, the M2 Competition features several aerodynamic attachments. Front splits, aero-winglets on the front and on the side skirts and a large rear wing reduce lift on the front and rear axle, enhancing the driving dynamics, especially in fast corners.

BMW M Performance Tuning M2 Competition F87 Abu Dhabi 11 830x553

TEST DRIVE: BMW M2 Competition -A Step Closer To Perfection

Inside, you’re getting the M Performance Steering Wheel, M Performance pedal covers in stainless steel, while the gear selector switch, double-clutch transmission and hand brake handle are covered in the carbon fiber.

The new 19 inch M Performance forged wheel Y-spoke style 763 M come with a reduced weight of 3.2 kilograms compared to the standard 19 inch wheel.

Here is a photo gallery of the car: