One of the larger and more historic aftermarket exhaust companies in the world is Supersprint. The Italian exhaust company has been around for decades, having a catalog of exhausts that dates back to the ’60s. It’s a brand that’s developed exhausts for almost every car and manufacturer on the market and it’s also one of the most popular exhaust brands in the world. So it’s fascinating to see the factory where Supersprint has been making exhausts for over five decades, which we get to in this new video from Evolve Automotive.

In this new video, Evolve takes a tour of the Supersprint factory, which is the same factory that it’s been using all these years. In fact, it’s still a family-owned company and is run by the second-generation of family members that started the company.

We get to see every step of the exhaust making process, from the pure raw materials to the R&D department to the bending and welding of all of the exhausts. Every single exhaust is almost entirely hand welded, with the exception of just one piece that’s welded by machine and then hand checked by an engineer.

Supersprint also keeps almost every jig it’s ever used to assemble exhausts for different cars. The Italian brand keeps a ton of different cars’ jigs on hand but there’s also a sort of jig-graveyard, filled with what seems like thousands of old jigs that aren’t really used anymore. What’s awesome about that, though, is that it means Supersprint can make an exhaust for an old car from its catalog, even if it’s not a particular exhaust it currently sells. So if you have a classic car and want a Supersprint exhaust, it’s possible you can still get one.

Jig Graveyard

Evolve Automotive was there to show us around the factory but also to get a new exhaust for their F90 BMW M5 project. We’re interested to hear how the Supersprint exhaust sounds on the M5, a car that already sounds pretty good.

There are plenty of great exhaust brands on the market but Supersprint has some of the most history and prestige of any exhaust brand.