Evolve has been developing some pretty awesome project BMWs, including the Project Viper F80 M3. Their latest project, though, is much faster and much more expensive — an F90 BMW M5. We haven’t seen a lot of F90 M5 tuning yet, partially because it’s so ballistically fast that it doesn’t need any, so it’s interesting to see it get a new set of springs and spacers and to see how it looks and rides afterward.

For the lowering springs, Evolve went with an Eibach setup and kept the stock shocks. The idea was to give the M5 a mostly aesthetic upgrade, not really a handling one. In fact, retaining stock ride comfort was actually the goal all along. So it was mostly done just to make a it look a little bit better.

From the outside, it’s hard to tell the difference between the two ride heights without looking at them back to back, so it’s a subtle upgrade, being just 25mm lower in the front and 20mm in the back. Still, it looks the part of a super sedan even more with the slightly lowered ride height.

This is also just a temporary setup for Evolve, as they’re working on a height adjustable setup for it at the moment. Until, then, though, these Eibach springs seem to work really well.

Evolve also added 12mm spacers to its wheels, to allow the wheels to sit flush with the fender. Wheel spacers are minor upgrades but they make a big difference, aesthetically. It’s just a cleaner look, with the wheels sitting flush, rather than sitting back a few millimeters from the fender. It’s also a sportier look and makes the car look more athletic.

We’ll see what Evolve does next with the F90 BMW M5. For now, though, these are subtle upgrades that make a big enough difference, so they could be very worthwhile for some new BMW M5 owners.