The BMW 420i nameplate might not be the most attractive badge out there, but the car is more fun that one could imagine. We even took a BMW 420i Convertible out for a spin this summer and, even with all the extra weight on, we couldn’t call it a slouch. And while the 2-liter 4-cylinder mill is not particularly known for its enthralling sound, the car in the video below might be an exception.

The car featured here is not a stock one, either. As the title says, it was fitted with a Supersprint exhaust which changed its character but the end result is quite interesting as well. We’ve seen plenty of cars fitted with Supersprint exhausts but few of them – or close to none – were actually spitting flames. Usually, this sort of trick is reserved for supercars like Lamborghinis and McLarens, but not for entry-level Bimmers.


Therefore we can’t but suspect that the BR-Performance pops&bangs package might have something to do with it, as the video description mentions it. Unfortunately, we don’t have a clear idea of what that is comprised of as the Belgian tuner seems to be quite secretive about it, but that’s the most probable cause for the fire that comes out of the exhaust tips.