The Tesla Model 3 is one of the good EV options if you can get your hands on one. It has plenty of range and straight line performance from the get go, without even having to try too hard. It’s also an electric car and it can still get you some tax rebates. What’s not to like? Well, plenty if we’re to believe the guys from Throttle House, who have put it to the test against a very unlike rival: the BMW M2 Competition.

We’ve seen the Model 3 being compared to the 3 Series before and to the M3, but the M2 Competition may be a bit just too different by comparison. First of all, the two are pretty far off in terms of the customer demographic. Model 3 is also a lot heavier due to its batteries. In terms of power output the BMW wins but then again, the Tesla is all-wheel drive with the obvious advantage of instant torque.

It’s worth pointing out though that the power in the Tesla is sent mostly to the rear wheel, making it a rear-biased car with a near 50:50 weight distribution, which works in its favor. However, the M2 is a completely different machine, one that embodies decades of refining done in the BMW M labs. It also has the original good bits from the M2 fused with some goodies from the M3 and the result is magnificent.

The reviewers also had a manual for their testing purposes which is, according to the BMW owners, the one to get. But what’s their conclusion on the two cars?

Well, you have the answer in the video below.