The BMW M2 Competition has been getting glowing reviews ever since it came out. The Competition models are basically starting a trend and a cliche, if you will, most people saying they are what BMW should launch in the first place. Nevertheless, in the case of the M2 Competition, that seems to be exactly what BMW is doing, as it completely replaced the M2 when it came out. And that was a good move if you listen to all the reviews out there.

Just earlier today we saw Chris Harris take one for a spin on a French track and enjoy it a lot. However, he, as well as many other journalists out there, forget to also point out some of the flaws the cars they are testing present while being driven. It’s easy to see why, too, as you easily simply forget to keep focused and look for the tiniest imperfections when you’re obviously having a great time. And even so, the perfect car hasn’t been invented yet and therefore some flaws are present, even on the M2 Competition.

The guys from Road/Show have a good grip on what to complain about. The review below does praise the car in a number of way but then, in less than a minute it lists all the things that are wrong with it and the list goes a little something like this: ride comfort, engine drone, tire noise, stiff ride quality, the lack of adaptive dampers, tramlining and fuel economy. In my opinion that quite accurately sums it up but you need to realize that great handling does come with a couple of trade-offs.

As for the fuel consumption, it’s only natural to have changed quite noticeably too, as the new M2 has a different engine altogether under the hood. It may have the same displacement and may be based on the N55 mill on the old M2 but there are so many different things working under the hood that I’m surprised the mpg numbers weren’t even further far off.