Well, it’s been quite a year for the BMW X range, the Germans rightfully calling 2018 ‘The Year of the X’. A lot of new models have come out throughout 2018 but the year started off with a rumor that some – including myself – simply wouldn’t believe: that BMW is pondering an X8 model. Time has passed and a lot of rumors started piling up as the reveal of the X7 came closer. Even our own sources inside Munich told us that there’s a lot of talk going on about such a prospect.

The rumormill churns out that G09 X8 could receive the green light and arrive in 2020. The new car, however, will not be a coupe version of the X7 but instead a more luxurious model, with a more bespoke finish for the discerning customer looking for the ultimate luxury. When unveiled it will also be more expensive than the X7 and will most likely become the priciest car with a BMW roundel on you can buy.

The G09 X8 will use the same underpinnings of the X7 but will offer seating for four, with individual seats in the back, kind-of like what we can already see on the X7. Whether a third-row of seats will be offered remains unknown right now, but according to our source the roofline will be different than on the X7, and it will not necessarily resemble the one of a Coupe. Therefore, just don’t expect an oversized X6 because that’s not what’s in the making here.

Luxury will be the aim here and that’s what customers will get, along with plenty of room in every seat. Engine choices will most likely be similar to the ones on the X7 but we’d definitely like to see a V12 under the hood of this model, especially the 610 HP 6.6-liter version from the M760Li. Chances of seeing that powerplant being used on the X8 are slim but that doesn’t mean we can’t still keep our fingers crossed.