The Nurburgring is bound to get closed anytime now, as winter is creeping in and it’s going to bring a bit of snow and challenging conditions to the famous track. Therefore, manufacturers have to get their testing done as soon as possible and with BMW planning to launch a number of new models next year, they are present on the Green Hell now more than ever. The latest car to be spotted doing the rounds was the BMW M850i Gran Coupe.

We’ve seen the upcoming four-door coupe being tested on this track before but not quite like this. It seems like the prototypes are finally reaching that point where they can be driven to the absolute limit to see how they handle the extra weight and new configuration. The 8 Series Gran Coupe is scheduled for launch next year and it’s probably going to be a very good looking car if the M8 Gran Coupe concept is anything to go by.

The car in the footage below is the M850i model as you can clearly hear its 4.4-liter V8 roar in the shots. This will be the top of the range model until the big boy, M8 Gran Coupe, comes around sometimes late next year. My guess is that it’s going to deliver plenty of adrenaline shots to the back of your head but some people will still want the full-on M model not the M Performance version, which is a toned down example.

Since the M8 Gran Coupe will also come with all-wheel drive, like the M850i, the performance figures will definitely work in favor of the full-on M model. It will most likely have over 600 HP as a BMW press release ‘casually’ mentioned earlier this year and it will be a beast. No matter what engine lies under the hood, we can’t wait to see the 8 Series Gran Coupe in all its grandeur.