Just as rumors about an impending 8 Series Convertible world debut are starting to pop up on the internet, another body style of the 8 Series range is being seen more and more on the Ring, being tested to the limit. The BMW 8 Series Gran Coupe will be the last iteration of the 8 to be launched next year and it will most likely be the most expensive one too. Coming with four doors and coupe styling, the 8 Series Gran Coupe has the potential to become the best selling version of the three.

The cars in the footage below were spotted first near the Nurburgring at what may very well be the most famous petrol station in the world. After chugging down several gallons of premium fuel, the two set off to do some hot laps around the Ring. Judging by the styling and the sound they make, we can safely assume they are M850i xDrive models. The camouflage is pretty thick and we can’t really make out the shape of the cars but they do look mean, to say the least.

Up front there won’t be any changes on the Gran Coupe compared to the 2-door Coupe version or the Convertible. The changes will happen in the back though, for some reason the prototypes here giving me a Panamera-esque feeling. The do seem to be quite similar to the Porsche around the C-Pillar but maybe that’s just an illusion in my head. Looking the same or not, the two will be fierce adversaries once the Gran Coupe comes out.

The range will also get an M8 Gran Coupe which will replace the current M6 Gran Coupe, one of the most appreciated cars in BMW’s M line-up. The styling alone makes you want to do whatever it takes to own and enjoy one. According to BMW, the M8 models in the making today as part of the 8 Series range will be ‘something else’ as they are developed using the M8 GTE as a basis, going from proper racing car DNA directly to the street.