2019 BMW 7 Series Facelift: Spy photos show the design updates

7 Series, Spy Photos | November 24th, 2018 by 14
2019 BMW 7er Facelift G12 LCI G11 Erlkoenig Spyshots 02 830x553

The BMW luxury class will get another update in 2019. Along with the new 8 Series family and the X7 large SUV, BMW will also debut an extensive refresh of the 7 Series limousine. Markus, a reader of our sister magazine Bimmertoday has caught on camera a test mule of the 7 Series facelift. His photos provide some interesting pointers to the facelift, which seems to be very extensive.

Compared to recent facelifts, the prototype doesn’t just carry the funky camouflage, but also additional sheet metal which hides the design details more than ever before. Whether rear bumper, taillights, trunk lid, front fenders, hood, headlight or front bumper, the extra layer of protection aims to hide the actual design cues.

2019 BMW 7er Facelift G12 LCI G11 Erlkoenig Spyshots 04 830x554

But some things are hard to hide, like for example the large double kidney at the front which is clearly closer in size and massiveness to the X7 than the current BMW 7 Series. The larger kidney will also help the 7 Series differentiate even more from the 5 Series business sedan, an issue that was often brought up by BMW customers.

The strong camouflage around the headlights also suggests that something important is happening there as well. Same goes for the front fenders which are completely masked off and covered with additional metal. One little detail that can be seen relatively reliably is the Air Breather now sitting vertically behind the front wheel and is no longer positioned at an oblique angle.

2019 BMW 7er Facelift G12 LCI G11 Erlkoenig Spyshots 05 830x553

In the back, which is also hidden by film and plastic camouflage, we can see a new shape and design of the taillights which will be significantly different from the current 7 Series.

The tailpipes with a diffuser in the middle might also indicate that this prototype could be a BMW M760Li with V12 engine, yet the future of that powerplant is still unknown to us.

We also expect to see some decent updates in the cabin, with the latest tech and infotainment system being included in the high-end limousine.

BMW is likely to unveil the new 7 Series in summer of next year with sales following shortly after.

14 responses to “2019 BMW 7 Series Facelift: Spy photos show the design updates”

  1. Tumelo Malumane says:

    No OLED, still.

  2. Julien says:

    Hard to like those bulky 7’s after the sleek E38 but lets try…

  3. Pilz says:

    I see the 3 Series Lexus taillights are making their way upmarket

    • BR117 says:

      I had more thought it was the protruding 8-series L-lights making their way downmarket, but you’re right in the way it was integrated on the 3-series seems to be like that’s moving up in that sense. I saw the X4 at my BMW dealership yesterday and I thought it looked pretty amazing in person. It looked like they did a lot better job integrating it on the X4 than the new 3-series G20.

      • Pilz says:

        I agree, the X5 is somewhere in-between in that regard. My X3 M40i tail lights look good but I work BMW would keep the design consistent to some degree for different lineups.

  4. drankv8 says:

    It’ll be a 2020 model, not 2019. I have a 2019 now. The 2020 will be LCI, with production starting in March of 2019. The 2019 models have been out since April 2018.

    • Matt Stokes says:

      If you already have a car, it’s objectively not a 2019 model, because we are not in 2019 yet… it’s a senseless Americanism that most of the rest of the world doesn’t follow.

  5. Matt Stokes says:

    Lookin’ good

  6. 88E30M3 says:

    The 2019s are on the ground at U.S. BMW Centers. 2019 production began in August/September.

  7. Icebreakerr says:

    i thought every LCI upgrade now will have OLED, and the standard pre facelift has the full LED..

  8. Icebreakerr says:

    also if the 7er is looking like this the next gen version HAS to be a game changer.

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